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Mighty To Save

The day is finally here. The day I've longed for since digital music stores came into existence. Wait….Maybe even longer than, maybe even as far back like in the HMV days. The day where I would be able to put music out for the world to listen & see. The day where people would consider me somewhat 'famous'. The day where my hard work & efforts of Youtube and rock music would pay off. The day where I'd be content in the deepest parts of my heart. What a day that would be. A day all about me and what I have done.

A lot has changed since those days. Well today's definitely the day! The day where I have put music out for the world to listen & see. The day where people would consider me somewhat 'crazy' instead of 'famous'. The day where none of my hard efforts of Youtube & Rock music have paid off. But definitely the day where I am content in the deepest parts of my heart. Yes, what a day it is. A day that is nothing about me and only about what Jesus has done. A lot has changed since those days, and I really mean that.

So YES! Today is the day where my wife & I have released our first single on iTunes!

Before starting this project, I already knew my co-workers, friends, and family would eventually listen to this song. I thought about it and I still wonder what they'll think of me? Yeah I talk about Jesus a lot, but now I'm going from Green Day to Jesus? What would they think? How would I feel? These are all questions that surrounded my thoughts. Maybe some of them would not want to hang out with me anymore (this wouldn't be new), or maybe some would simply just not take me seriously after this. But who knows, maybe one of them might see how great God truly is and come to know God for who truly He is. That would be worth it all. So if you're one of those friends, keep reading. I got a crazy story for you.

WHY?! On the Christian perspective of things, when I chose this song, some people asked, “Why are you playing a song that’s like 15 years old?” Or said things like “Hey man, you know that song is so overplayed and old right? How do you expect to make any money?” Although these were all valid questions, and yes we are using this song's proceeds as a means to fundraise for there was ONE true reason of why I chose this song that had kept me listening to it repetitively for over a week. You see, God is like a master chess player. He is always many moves ahead of our understanding. He is aligning things & circumstances for our souls and ultimately for His Glory. This is the reason why I chose Mighty To Save: THE PERFECT STORY. This story is about a person I had never met before.

For the sake of the story, I will call him Fred. I've heard many stories about Fred, and knew about his life, but that was it. Fred grew up in an unstable home - Mother and Father did not always get along. Father had been abusive at certain times. The father left one day and Fred was left alone with his mother and siblings to fend for themselves. Life was rough and was definitely a struggle. His life was never  full of abundance, there was always just enough to get by. Let’s fast-forward to many years later. Fred is now a full-grown man who has a very successful business that makes a lot of money. Fred has a wife and two kids. Life for Fred was not like it used to be, it was fulfilling and it was working out well for him. Anyways, as the money kept coming and the business got more successful, Fred was introduced to a different type of lifestyle. As time went on with all this money and attention, Fred had found himself deep into drug addiction. As the drug addiction kept ravishing through his life, he eventually lost his relationship with his wife and kids. The business shut down, and all Fred was left with was an addiction to drugs, and a mess of a life. For many years Fred avoided family due to embarrassment & shame. He was now homeless living where ever he could, and struggling on & off with drugs. This lifestyle continued for much longer. Although Fred was out of the picture, Fred had a mother and siblings who still deeply cared about him. His family would pray for him daily - for his rescue from drugs and ultimately that Jesus would rescue his lost spiralling soul. Fred's family prayed for years! Whenever they had a chance to see him, they would care for him and teach him about the love of Christ and how he died for our sins to save our souls. After these moments, Fred would always relapse and lose contact with his family for months. The cycle continued. But Fred's family prayed in unwavering faith, they truly believed that Christ could change his life. Regardless of what they saw or heard, they just kept praying. One day this year at a Monday night prayer gathering, they were praying for Fred. During this moment a Pastor approached Fred's mother with a word from God. The Pastor said, “Your son will call you this Friday, and he will be saved!”  - Now most people would think that is craziness, so did I when I first heard it. But here's the amazing part; out of nowhere Fred actually called his mother that Friday, and he agreed to meet up with her. When they met up with Fred, his family cared for him and helped him get back on his feet. They brought Fred to church that weekend & also shared the Gospel with him. Fred knew about Jesus before, many times, but this time he accepted Christ as his saviour from his sins! After a few days, Fred was back on his own, perhaps a changed man. Within about 6 months since Fred had heard of and accepted Christ's gift of forgiveness, He died. GOD KNOWS & GOD CARES. God knew and had it all planned. On THAT day, and at THAT time, God planned for Fred to be rejoined with his family and hear the Gospel. Fred had heard about Jesus many times during those years of his ups & downs, but it was just within that perfect timing that God chose to reveal Himself to Fred.   After hearing this story, I thought to myself in the car, “Saviour He can move the huge mountains, My God is Mighty To Save”. God's plans are perfect and true. Sometimes it looks like nothing is happening, but in the eyes of the Lord, He is mightily at work that is beyond our comprehension or thoughts. So with that said, I say, do not stop praying for your loved ones! Do not give up when things get tough! Have faith, and KNOW that.... God is like a master chess player, He is always many moves ahead of our understanding, aligning things and circumstances for our souls and ultimately for His Glory. This is the reason why I chose Mighty To Save.

Listen to our Mighty To Save single on Spotify below!

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