The God Story

Forget what you've heard for a second, take this in.


“The Gospel”, “Jesus dying on the Cross”, and “Jesus died for our sins” etc. These are the general responses that anyone would know if you were to ask them about Christianity. Everyone knows about it. I do, you do, your friends, and your family. Everyone does. We all know the story, and we have seen people shouting “Jesus died for your sins on the Cross” – But that is the extent of our knowledge and where it ends.
     Well, it is true! Jesus DID die on the cross for our sins, but simply admitting it is like confessing knowledge from any other religion. Just knowing this fact doesn’t hold much substance, whether you believe it or not. It doesn’t mean a thing. Let’s take it a bit further now. Yes, everyone claims to know about Jesus. In fact, in today’s society, everyone also has an opinion. It seems that everyone has adapted to the social action called “The Herd Mentality” in today’s day and age. In a nutshell, The Herd Mentality is the concept of showing how people band their opinions and ideas together, only because the majority of people are doing it. Do you see where I am going with this? People know about Jesus and the story of Jesus, still, as a society, we have formed an ill biased opinion towards Christianity and Christ Himself. These ill-biased opinions have dominated the true meaning of Christ and what it means to be a Christian.
    These are typical things you may hear nowadays: “To be a Christian you have to act perfect”, “Christians hate gay people”, “Christians hate on everything that is fun”, “Christians are judgmental” - I have heard all these things said before whether spoken directly to me or from other people airing their opinions. Let me tell you this; I am sorry if you have that image of Christianity. Some people call themselves ‘Christians’ out there, but they treat people in such a hypocritical way, it makes us look bad. Thankfully not all Christians are like that; there are still some who are living for the truth. I hope today you can understand the true story about Christianity and that you will be able to see what it’s all about. Forget everything you’ve heard or read! Reset it all and dive into this article with an open mind.
I promise that you will hear The Gospel – the story of Christ, in a way that will stir your heart; it will change your view on life.

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In The Beginning 

At the beginning of time, nothing existed – except God. Before man was created, “The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters” (Genesis 1:1-2). On the first day of creation, God created light. On the second day, He created the sky. On the third day, He separated the water from the land and created trees, grass, flowers, and vegetation. On the fourth day, He made the sun and the moon, along with the stars. On the fifth day, He made fish in the sea and birds of the sky. On the sixth day, God created animals and then formed humans (Adam & Eve) to reign over them. On the seventh day, God rested, declaring it as a Holy day. So there you have it, those were the first things God did. God created Adam from the dust and made Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. She was called ‘woman’ because she was taken from ‘man’. Adam & Eve lived in this glorious, abundant forest called “The Garden of Eden”. In that garden, God had taken care of their every need, and they were at perfect peace with God. There was no sin to separate them. God allowed Adam and Eve to do whatever they wanted; they could do anything, except eat from the tree of knowledge of good & evil. 

   God commanded that they “must not eat it or even touch it; if [they] do, [they] will die” (Genesis 3:3). That was the ONE thing that God had forbidden them to do. After being tempted by Satan, Eve took the fruit from that tree and ate it. Adam was convinced to eat it too. Eve initially took the fruit, because she saw that the tree was beautiful. She wanted the wisdom that it would give her – she thought it would make her like God. Immediately after eating the fruit, their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt the shame of their nakedness. They had just crossed into sin and what a mistake it was. Sometime after this had happened, God confronted Adam & Eve about their disobedience, and He ultimately cast them out of the Garden of Eden forever. You see, the Garden of Eden was a perfect place, a holy place, and a heaven of sorts. There was no sin nor pain. Since God is holy, anything that is not holy cannot dwell within the presence of God. Adam & Eve did not have a proper sense of morality until they disobeyed God’s one-and-only command.

  From that moment, sin entered human existence. They were cast out of the holy place. However, God never left them; He still loved and cared for them. Now a redemption story was needed, an act of forgiveness was required, to restore that holy connection for all humanity - for you & me.

That is where the story of Jesus begins.

Jesus Is Born

Many years after the story of Adam & Eve, Jesus was born. Jesus wasn't just a normal baby. God decided that He was to be holy. Jesus is and was born a God. He was born as the same essence of God and the Holy Spirit, but now just in earthly-human form. Why? He was called to save all mankind, but in order for this to happen, He had to become like us. This great mission to save humanity through Jesus Christ was ordained by God for one purpose; redemption.

So Jesus was born as a child to Mary and Joseph. Two ordinary people like you and I. What was so unordinary about the birth of Jesus? Mary a virgin when she conceived. God created Jesus in her womb through a supernatural and miraculous way. In the early years of Jesus, he was a normal kid – but without any sin.

He was truly the Son of God. At age 30, Jesus was ready to embrace His ultimate mission – the redemption of humanity.

Jesus The Redeemer

When Jesus began his public ministry, he traveled all over preaching the gospel. He shared how God has sent him to pay the price of everyone’s sin, so that they may receive eternal life. Jesus called twelve men to follow Him on His journey – you may know these twelve men as the disciples. These men travelled far and wide with Jesus to preach the message of the hope & repentance required by God.


    Jesus and the twelve disciples taught and warned everyone that there will be a day of final judgment. Before that day, we must trust that Jesus Christ is the only way to receive forgiveness of our sins. Many people believed and trusted in the words of Christ, but there were also many who didn't. They wanted to kill Jesus since He claimed to be God. People back then were very religious; it wasn't unusual to see, as it is today. These people were so blinded by their “religious knowledge”, that they denied the truth, a truth they've been reading about for ages – a king born into humanity that would be The Messiah and save all mankind from their sin. This wasn't a mistake. This HAD to happen. This is why Jesus came to earth. Jesus didn't come to make the world great again. He came to save people from their hopeless path to destruction. The bible declares that “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23)



This is the redemption: Jesus Christ came to earth to die on the cross for our sins. That was the only purpose of Jesus Christ - to die. When Jesus Christ was finally crucified on the cross, He took all the sins of the world upon Himself and paid the penalty. He broke the power of sin. Jesus is God and God cannot cease to dwell with sin.

The reason why God took on our sins and shattered its destined consequences (total separation and hell) was that no one else has the power to do it. Through this loving act from Jesus paying our ultimate debt, He has made the forgiveness of our sins available through His death. Before that very moment when Jesus gave up His spirit and died, He proclaimed "IT IS FINISHED"  (John 19:30). That marked the moment that He took the sins of the world and made forgiveness available to all. The world's greatest love story was complete. He had done what He came to do - to save you & I.


    The story of Jesus Christ was never a mistake or coincidence; it was just a matter of time – God will and would not allow His creation to die and be eternally separated without a way out. From the times stretching back into the Bible, up until this very day, God is stretching out His hand of forgiveness to you. The gospel is truly you're only hope. Without accepting Christ, you can’t stand the condemnation of God by taking on full responsibility for your sins. When you accept Jesus Christ into your life, He removes your debt of sin, since He has paid the price for those who believe. Although the Bible is old, some say that nothing has happened yet. However, scripture answers that question perfectly in 2 Peter 3:8-9, “But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.” The Lord isn’t really being slow about His promise, as some people think. No, He is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.


      When will Jesus return? No one knows. The Bible does describe signs of those times, which have happened or are currently happening. My whole point behind this is not to just tell you a story or else you could have youtube'd that. I came with a personal message, because I care about you. I care about you so much that I do not care about my reputation – you need to know the truth. The truth is that we have all broken God's laws. Call it stupid, call it legit – it doesn't matter to me. The fact is that we have broken them. We can't keep them all of God’s commandments. Good luck trying. Ever since sin was introduced to this world, we have been separated from God, and will always be in need of saving. Now God is calling you to surrender your life to Him in exchange for that ultimate forgiveness. Time is running out, Jesus will come back one day for those who believe in Him - but for those who haven't accepted Christ, it will be too late.


Living a life the Christian way is not easy, and many will not understand your decision. Some people will hate you, and others will make fun of you, it may even cost you your life. Yes, the cost to following Jesus is great, but the reward is even greater. Jesus knows it is not easy, and that is why He sent the Holy Spirit to be there for us until he comes back again.


Sin has been so engraved in our nature, it’s purely natural. For example, we have to teach a child how to be good. However, children naturally know how to lie, steal, or cheat. They are not taught to do these things. As innocent as that sounds, that is the reality of our human existence. Thank God that we have a way out of sin and that answer is & always will be Jesus Christ. No other GOD has left his 'holy throne' and laid his life for his people. Those who believe in Him will live forever in heaven, having their sins covered by Jesus Christ. Those who reject Jesus will have to endure the cost of their sins, paying the price for themselves, which is total separation from God, which leads to hell. Jesus didn't come to protest. He didn't come to hurt anyone. That's what people do. You need to take Jesus at His word! Take Jesus for the truth! Don’t believe what the world says He is, but believe who the Bible says He is - you'd be surprised.